When Kosher Kitchens Are Updated

In kosher Jewish homes, milk and meat products are never eaten, served or prepared together. That edict requires two sets of dishes and utensils – one for food that includes milk as an ingredient, one for meat – and separate cabinet storage.

There's more than one way to keep that separation. The simplest: Install a double sink and dedicate one side for milk, the other for meat. Countertops can be covered with a sheet of foil when preparing food, replacing the foil when the cook switches from dairy to meat. When space and budget allow, however, there are a number of products and strategies that add a great look and save time. The whole story is at the Dallas Morning News (free registration required). I never would have thought of all the little things that must be taken into account or all the modern conveniences available to make it possible. I mean, not being able to let the refrigerator light go on when you open it up?