Weekly Kitchen Update No. 4

Well, friends, I am happy to say that our kitchen is nearing completion. It's so close I can taste it! Of course, in reality, we have at least another 2-3 weeks, but details, details!
During our last update, I shared images of the cabinets without doors. 

As of yesterday, we have doors! 
The wet bar area.

And the buffet area.

The refrigerator has received its new custom panel doors.

The new back door has finally arrived and been installed!

The hood is in place, and the dishwasher has its new custom panel as well. 

Our new two bowl, apron fronted, farmhouse sink (if you'd like a reminder on all we had to choose from in terms of sinks, click here) has found its home under the new kitchen window.
Lots of progress in a weeks time!I'm sure you can see why I am excited.
What about you, making big progress on any projects around your house?
 Next up: completion of the cabinet inserts, priming and painting the cabinets, and counter-top install! Fortunately, we managed to select a counter-top, but the paint color is still under discussion - wish me luck!
Until next time,