Vesta Transverse Shuttle

They didn't have to make them beautiful, but they did.  Vesta machines have a charm all their own, being built to a smaller scale and with exquisite decals  If you sit this machine beside a Frister and Rossmann the F&R looks an absolute brute and a monster in comparison.

When I bought this machine it had been in the same family since new.  It barely needed cleaning and seems to have been hardly used.  I bring it out from time to time just for the pleasure of looking at it.  The rest of the time it is kept safely away under its cover, away from all the steam and damp that fill English houses and that would soon have any uncovered machine screaming out for the rust remover.

The decals to me look like mid European peasant embroidery.  If anybody ever comes up with pictures of embroidery reminiscent of the design on this machine, please let me know - I will be intrigued.  I will put some close-up pictures of the decals in posts later this week.