Trouser Jeans 2

Here's the single welt pocket. I used the directions from The Complete Book of Sewing Shortcuts by Claire B. Shaeffer. My MIL picked it up at a garage sale for $.99!! What a steal. I think I'll be using the real topstitching thread (see this post for the comparison) because it looks so darn nice.

I know this one is just a tad crooked but that is why I wanted to do a demo before I did it on the real pants. I don't think they are bad for my first try. I thought the demos were going to take me all weekend!

Here's the double welt pocket for the back. I used Ann Rowley's great tutorial for the welt pockets. She used the BWOF directions but then added pictures for every step.

I did use orange topstitching thread but I won't on the real pants. Doesn't it look nice?!?? I'm amazed.
Size comparison.

Next Up: Making the welt in the pants.