Train Station Breakfast


On our first morning in Melbourne, Yi brought us to her favorite place for brunch. The size and richness of the brekkies explain why she has packed on so much since I last saw her. The food was very good, but nothing that you can't whip up yourself given the plentiful ingredients around. Of course the old train station (train still runs by) with country settings and atmosphere make the place romantic and quaint. Prices at around A$15 per item weren't cheap, especially for breakfast.

You walk into a small room and out...

...into a balcony where everybody prefer to sit.

Wey still qualified for the baby cappucino at a special price of 50 cents.

I went for the grown-up version.

Hub and Wey, being highly carnivorous, both ordered the same thing: eggs benedict with crispy bacon on brown bread and avocado spread.

Yi and I shared a thick french toast with berry compote, topped with mascarpone.

Ming as usual went for anything more pricey than our choices. In this case, he admitted the bacon eggs benedict tasted far better than his smoked salmon on spinach eggs benedict with a thick blanket of hollandaise sauce.