The Tolkien Genetics And East Prussia

First see my text about the Y-DNA test of a member of the Tolkien family. And then...

Pre-war East Prussian Y-DNA including the Tolkien family
On the Anthrogenica forum I have found the following inhabitants of East Prussia with tested Y-DNA who belonged to the same subclade R1a-Z92 as the known Tolkiens (from Amt Brandenburg and the village Globuhnen, town Kreuzburg):Z92+ (hey, Tolkien family, it is necessary to make BigY tests! Please! ?)
the Tolkien family from Globuhnen and KreuzburgProbably West Baltic (Old Prussian & Yotvingian):
kit 329192 - Z92>Z685>YP270>YP351>Y16755>YP4296
Friedrich Mattern, born in Liebstadt (Milakowo)kit 221446 - Z92>Z685>YP270>YP351>Y9081>YP350
Ludwig Ermis (or Germis), born in 1822 in Gruenwalde (near Ortelsburg)kit 157553 - Z92>Z685>YP270>YP351>Y9081>YP350Tomasz Szypulski, born in 1738 in Szypułki-Zaskórki (near Neidenburg)kit N2278 - Z92>Y4459>YP617>YP1700  Krystyan Lamka, born in 1769 in Lapienus (Łapinóż)kit 162556 - Z92>Y4459>YP5520
Otto Ernst Kloth, born in 1702 in Deutsch Wilten (Ermakovo)kit E4688 - Z92+
Stanislaw Holynski born in 1780 in Kutten (Kuty)
kit N43077 - Z92+
NN born before the WW2 in Panemune (Sovetsk)Typically (modern distribution) East Slavic subclades:
kit 316853 - Z92>Y4459>YP617>YP573>YP569>YP68
August Czeranna, born in 1864 in Gross Schöndamerau (Trelkovo)kit 415060 - Z92>Y4459>YP617>YP573>YP569>YP1256>YP4846Skubinna born in 1720 in Loyen (Łoje)P. S. And by the way I, Ryszard Derdziński (or Rīkards Gērdis  ? in Prussian) belong to:

Z92>Z685>YP270>YP351>Y9081>YP350+ (probably FT196931)
When ten years ago I began to investigate the genealogy of the Tolkien family and my own genealogy no one was concious that both families, the Tolkiens and the Derdziński had West Baltic roots. Thanks to the genetic tests and thanks to my research I now suppose that I could have a common ancestor with Professor Tolkien living on the shores of the Baltic Sea between 1 AD and 500 AD, in the times of the ancient Æsti (descibed by Tacitus and by Wulfstan) and maybe in the times of the first Vikings who explored the Baltic shores from today's Estonia to Poland. In Poland the families belonging to the Z92-YP350+ clan have their beginnings in the class of the West Baltic aristocracy, the so called Witings
The Tolkien family name comes from the Tolkeim place-name