The Great Moscow State Circus

                  "Emotions" Great Moscow State Circus with Zapashny Brothers
Guess what I did this weekend!

Here's some info from the event page:

The Great Moscow State Circus, lead by the Zapashni Brothers, has been voted world's best circus at many international festivals. The Zapashni family has been in the circus business for 90 years and their shows are the world-famous; they've even made the Guiness book of records with some of their stunts. The Emotions tour combines modern and traditional circus into an amazing show that included acrobats, jugglers, magicians, and clowns. This is their first performance in Finland.
I love the circus. My favourite performance in recent years was Cirque Dracula, a Dracula-themed performance in an antique spiegeltent.  It was cozy, atmospheric, and Victorian, with some amazing acts. The Great Moscow State Circus was a different animal; big, flashy, and breathtaking. If you compare it to Cirque du Soleil, it's less surreal and more pure fun.  I think kids would enjoy this more.

My favourite part were the acrobats. They had an amazing act with the teeterboard, which culminated in one of them doing a jump on stilts, and then just one stilt. The wheel of death/wheel of steel act also blew me away. When the performer started jumping rope on the rotating wheel and tripped, I was sure he'd break his neck. The apparatus is called the "Wheel of Death" for a reason!

If you get a chance see them perform, definitely go. This is a world-class show.