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The AlbatrosAt White Almond Sicily we are always looking for new experiences in Sicily.

There are many boat excursions in Giardini Naxos enticing you to indulge in the beauty of the Bay of Naxos, Isola Bella and the Blue Grotto, but there is one boat that stands out from the rest … The Albatros.
Last month we were invited to join a sunset cruise on board The Albatros with our dog Daisy. When we arrived at the marina I was helped on board by Captain Luciano and he announced to everyone aboard “ here is our special guest Daisy” Daisy took one look at the gang plank and the boat bobbing on the sea and indicated that there was no way she was going to get on board. The Albatros would wait for me another time.
Last week with a friend who was staying with us I finally got the chance to take up the invitation. We decided on a morning tour.

On arrival at the marina we were greeted by Nidhal and then along came Captain Luciano, the gang plank was put down and Captain Luciano held both my hands to assist boarding. The ropes were untied from the marina and we set sail across the Bay of Naxos towards the Marine Reserve of Isola Bella. The Captain put on some chilled out reggae anthems to put us in the mood.
Nidhal called us to come and sit at the front of the boat to get the best photos.
Leaving Mount Etna in the distance behind us with Giardini Naxos passing by and Taormina and Castelmola high above us we approached Capo Taorminaand the sea cave known as Grotto Amoretta, the cave of love. In a small boat you can nestle down with your Amore (lover) in the shade of the cave whilst the gentle water rocks you back and forth. How romantic. The grotto is stunning with crystal clears waters that have a magical blue light.
Etna and Giardini NaxosWe then rounded the Cape of Taormina where we headed towards the shore. Nidhal pointed out the private beach of the Hotel Capo Taormina which can only be reached by stairs carved through the rock face from the hotel. We passed by Fico d’India,  a rock rising out of the sea so named for its likeness to the Sicilian prickly pear cactus.
Then we arrived at the magnificent Isola Bella which we sailed around and with Nidhal navigating, Captain Luciano moored the boat in the marine reserve. This area boasts outstanding beauty.
The Captain called me round to the back and handed me some bread and told me to look down into the crystal clear sea, a shoal of silver fish had come to say hello, their tiny mouths opening waiting to be fed the bread. So cute.

At this point you can dive or climb down via a ladder into the clear sea to swim or snorkel.
Once moored, we were given a cocktail of fresh juice and prosecco and Nidhal brought out fresh Sicilian watermelon served on ice that Captain Luciano had just prepared. My friend jumped in for a swim but I stayed on board for a chat with the guys and a cheeky prosecco top up. The Captain brought over a bucket of sea water for me to dip my feet in and that was my contribution to swimming.
my contribution to swimming
After my “swim” we headed up to the top of the boat and sunbathed under the Sicilian sun.
This area is where the designers Dolce and Gabbana chose to shoot their advertising campaigns.
Sadly it was soon time to head back to Giardini Naxos passing by the super yachts that visit Taormina each summer. Our tour lasted two hours.
We had an absolutely fantastic time and both Captain Luciano and Nidhal were completely attentive to us and were the perfect hosts. Their passion for Sicily and its sea is unmistakable.
feeding the fish The Albatros sails up to four times a day in peak season and the most popular tour is the sunset cruise where you set sail for Isola Bella and have dinner cooked on board whilst watching the sunset over Mount Etna. The cruise lasts four hours.The tour is perfect for special occasions and events for small parties.
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Now sit back relax and enjoy our gallery of photos and dream that you are in Sicily.

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