Texa-Mexa Black Bean & Corn Chili

We lived in Phoenix for 4 years, which only further solidified our absolute love for good Mexican food. In Phoenix, there are Mexican restaurants on every corner (sort of like pizza shops in Philly). Tacos, chili, tortilla soups, enchilladas, and women selling tamales out of the back of their cars! This chili is a blend of flavors, less "americana" due to the choices of beans, etc.

I do need to give my husband credit, he was the first to "beef up" our chili by adding black beans and corn. So yummy!

Texa-Mexa Black Bean & Corn Chili

1 20 oz package Fit & Active Ground Turkey ($2.49)
1 15 oz Can Dakota Black Beans, drained (.55)
1 15 oz Can Happy Harvest Diced Tomatoes, drained (.55)
1 8 oz can Happy Harvest Tomato Sauce (.25)
Frozen Corn, thawed (I fill one of the empty 15 oz cans with corn to measure) (.99)
3 Tbs. Spice Club Chili Powder (.10)
1 1/2 Tbs Spice Club Cumin (.05)
1 Tbs Spice Club Onion Powder (.02)
1 Tbs Spice Club Garlic Powder (.02)
Pinch salt

Brown ground turkey in skillet. Drain black beans and tomatoes and add to browned turkey. Add tomato sauce and corn. Stir in spices cover and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Stirring occasionally. This makes 6 servings at $.84/serving!

I like to serve with shredded mild cheddar cheese and sour cream as condiments. This increases the per serving cost minimally! :)