Soul Photos

Soul Photos

Soul Photos is a shop selling photographic art work and jewelry started by Laci in November 2011. Laci was encouraged to start his shop to sell his original photographs by his wife, who is a jewelry artist with her own Etsy shop. “She strongly persuaded me to try, so I finally gave in.”

Laci’s camera sat on his shelf for years, only used for family and travel photographs. His imagination was sparked when he encountered some macro shots by another photographer. “First, I experimented with the macro photographs and later opened my lens to the world.” Receiving positive feedback from the photos he shared on various blogs encouraged him to take is art further.

Laci has found his greatest accomplishment in satisfying his most important client, his wife! In this experience he also found his greatest challenge. “the professional challenge was to reconcile my view of my photographic approach with her need to showcase her jewelry. The photos must be realistic and accurately inform prospective customers about the product. I am ruled by my artistic sense and it is also important to have a “soul” in the picture. I also believe that the objects have mood, character and a story…if I can show that in a photo, it is a great success”

Having recently opened his shop, Laci is working like most Etsians to build his following. “My wife convinced me it is worth it to start. If only some people want my photos on their wall in their room because the look fun, my work is not in vain.”

Laci takes much inspiration from nature. “Nature has always had a huge impact on me. If you manage to capture a fascinating image in nature, that is a moment of great joy for me.” He believes the uniqueness of his work is very important. “I do not make multiple prints of a photo, only a single one. This may be less profitable…but this way the buyer can be sure that each is an original they will never see anywhere else. In today’s world where most things are manufactured in quantity I think it is very important to have something that is only yours.”

When Laci isn’t taking photographs and working in his study he is helping his wife with her metalwork.

These are some of Laci's favorite pieces from his shop
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