Rimmel Lasting Finish Mattes By Kate Moss Lipstick In #106

I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS LIPSTICK. ok now that i've got my outburst out of the way... I love the Kate Moss lipsticks from Rimmel. I love how pigmented and creamy they are, i love how the packaging is so slick, i love the colors in the range. I just really love them. So when i heard that a matte line was released, i HAD to check them out. Loving the red matte packaging too c;

Originally after seeing the swatches online, i only intended to pick up the vampy red color but when i saw #106 at the stand, i was instantly drawn to it. I really wasn't sure i would be able to pull it off but after swatching it on my hand, i just to buy it. I'm actually not sure if this is a color that's available in other parts of the world because i never saw it on UK BBlogs? #106 is a deep but bright fuchsia pink with a berry undertone. I noticed that the lipstick smells really fruity, it's not unpleasant but a bit strong for my liking. The pigmentation is great, a couple of swipes and it gives an opaque coverage. I'm normally quite skeptical when it comes to matte lip products because it always tends to accentuate any dry patches but I find that this lipstick goes on quite smoothly and evenly. With that being said, it's not hydrating but it doesn't dry my lips either. It wears pretty comfortably on the lips. Before putting it on, i still need to prep my lips with a bit of lipbalm but not too much that the product slides around. It is definitely a long lasting lipstick but when it fades, it doesn't fade pretty. When i don't eat, it stays all day but i definitely have to reapply between meals. I've gotten into the strange habit of drinking my coffee with a straw because i don't want to mess up my lipstick. The baristas at uni aren't even surprised anymore. These lipsticks has to be one of my favorite 'drug store' products. It is so affordable and i love the feel and finish of them. This color in particular, i'm just so in love with it. It is so vibrant and adds a great pop of color. Never did i think i would wear a color like this but everytime i've worn it, someone has complimented me on it and i've been asked a few times what lipstick it is too. I think it is a really wearable color for such an attention-grabbing shade. I think that this color will get a lot of use because it is well-suited to winter AND summer c: I actually also bought the vampy red from this matte range as well (can't remember the number) and i wanted to do a post with all my Kate Moss lippys but i packed them away with all my other make up in storage for when we move house ;c I'm not sure how long it will be before they get unpacked, let me know if you'd actually like the read a post/see swatches on that though c: Voilà! I'll leave you guys with a gif i made. I was playing with my make up instead of studying and tried the double liner look :3 That's all from me for now, hope this week has been treating you guys well!