Recent Hauls

So for the last post of August, i thought i'd show you a bit of what's installed for September c: As we are approaching mid-sem at Uni, there are a lot of assessments rolling in so i haven't had the time to do proper swatches during the day or sit down to write reviews. The bulk of my assessments will happen in the first week of September and then i shall be free...until the last couple of weeks of the semester. For those of you who follow me on instagram @chloe_e, you might have seen some of these already c:

I'm really getting in the mood for summer. The weather on wednesday was so amazing, too bad that only lasted a day though! I really hope Melbourne starts to warm up soon, it's been a very miserable winter ;cNow before you freak out, not all the nail polishes are for me, as much as i paint my nails, 9 bottles of Seche Vite is a bit excessive. I did a mass order with my ladies c:Also to expect in September: a nail polish inventory, skincare products as well as my first Sleek product eek! 
August was a bad month for me hence all the retail therapy ;c but i hope it treated you well!