Rebbe's On Google Video

It seems that Rebbe's and their Chassidim started promoting themselvs on Google Video. If you go to Google Video and type in Rebbe into the search box approx. 150 video clips of various Rebbe's doing various thing show up. They range from Rebbe's "Feering Tish" to Rebbe's visiting Kevorim. I thought the Internet was Assur!! Here are a few: (some I've never even heard of!!!) Pittsburger Rebbe: (for the funniest scene: skip to 8:40 into the video & watch his Chassidim grab his Hoshaynos to pieces.) Coronation of Bobover Rebbe: Yeruslaver Rebbe: Klausenberg USA: Shidlovtza Rebbe: Nadvorna Rebbe: Spinka Rebbe: Satmer Rebba ZY'A Toldos Aharon: Biala Rebbe: Satmer Rebbe Shlita: Bobov (Unger): Yaasee Rebbe: (COMEDY SHOW!!) Nadvorna Rebbe: (Tzafas Division) Klausenberg: (Israel Division) Bobover Rebbe ZATZAL: Nicklesberg Rebbe: Tosher Rebbe: Munkatcher Rebbe: Toldos Avraham Yitzchok: Lubavitcher Rebbe SHLITA: Satmer Monroe: (Ahron T) Skulener Rebbe: Carlebach Rebbe: Belzer Rebbe: Is this enough???