Quick And Easy Indian Supper: No Butter Chicken

I'm back today with a new recipe. 
Some of you may have noticed that my recipes can now be found under the "Food" tab instead of the former header of "Saturday Kitchen".  Just figured Food might be a bit easier to understand than Saturday Kitchen for any of my new comers. Not to worry though, all the same great material can be found on the page as before.
Anyhoo, back to the subject at hand...
Bal's No Butter Chicken

Add to your pan
2 Tbs oil1 small onion, chopped2 Tbs fresh garlic, chopped1 Tbs fresh ginger, chopped
Cook over medium heat for about 4 minutes or until the onion is golden brown

Add the following spices to the onion mixture:
2 Tbs tomato paste1 Tbs brown sugar1 Tbs cumin seeds1 Tbs garam masala1 tsp red chili flakes1 tsp tumeric ( I left this out simply because I didn't have any!)1 tsp salt
Cook 3 minutes.

1//2 c water1/4 c low fat yogurt
Simmer to allow the flavors to come together

At this point, the original recipe suggests adding diced boneless, skinless chicken breast to the pan and cooking 8 minutes or until done. 
I opted to roast bone in, skin on chicken breast in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes. The chicken is moister and more flavorful this way, but you could certainly go either way.
Once the chicken is cool to the touch, remove from the bone and dice.
Add to the sauce and simmer to allow the flavors to come together and you are done!!!

Serve with white rice and a green salad.
This is a lovely Indian influenced dish with a subtle heat - I'd definitely recommend it as it's going on our "to make again list"!
Special thanks to my friend, Nancy, for forwarding the recipe. 
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