Poisson Cru

One of the best things about traveling is the food.  It's a quick and effective way to get a good glimpse into a culture and a great way to meet the locals.  Since I'm recovering from not one, but two Thanksgivings (I will not be blogging about those meals) I thought I'd put up one of the most perfect dishes in the world.  Oh yeah, the claim has been made.
Tahiti and her islands are my kind of place.  Idyllic tropical beaches, lots of fish (to see and eat), warm water, friendly people, and the influence of French food. Poisson Cru is good eating to the very core.  Only a few ingredients and your mouth is in for the ride of it's life.  Side note: I saw on No Reservations that Poisson Cru is great hangover food as well, so if you need a break from your morning after chorizo burrito, try raw tuna!
o  Fresh raw ahi tuna, seeded and sliced cucumbers, sliced onions, julienned carrots, salt & pepper, lime juice, fresh coconut milk.  That's it.  
The first photo is our friend Rota from Raiatea squeezing the milk from the shredded meat of a mature coconut from his yard using a t-shirt (you can also use cheesecloth).  You can use canned, but if you have the muscle, the time and the patience, try the fresh stuff, you'll be shocked how much better it tastes.