No No, I Was Talking About The Mountains

So here I was sitting around thinking that I haven't really done a list of anything voice related recently. Now I have done best quotes, favourite Voice actors and so on and so forth, but then I realized I have never done what I thought were the best Voice Acting performances in video games. Now obviously this is my opinion and some will probably disagree, but in the end it is my list isn't it.

5. Ellen McLain - GLaDOS

Not only is the Portal franchise something which anyone who has ever played always have a connection to. The Ellen McLain preformance as GLaDOS is nothing short of a masterpiece. So much so that the movie Pacific Rim featured the iconic voice

4. Roger Craig Smith - Ezio Auditore

There is a reason Ezio is one of the most beloved video game characters of all time. Sure the story is well done and we see him right from a baby all until his death. To me though none of it happens without the masterful portrayal by Roger Craig Smith

3. Troy Baker - Joel

Troy Baker has done countless amazing performances across tons of games, but I don't think you could even get him to say one was better than Joel. The Last of Us is itself a masterpiece but all the pieces had to come together to bring it to that. Without Baker this wouldn't have happened.

2. Liam O'Brien - Caius Ballad

Most know him for the words "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED" and does an amazing job as Illidan every step of the way. Really though none of his performances are better than  Caius. There really is something if you have played the games or not you can appreciated every word which comes out of Caius' mouth. Nothing is said without reason and without purpose and that is exactly how he makes it sound.

1. Nolan North - Nathan Drake

Nolan North is in everything. He is the iconic voice actor of our time. Out of all of his amazing performances though I don't know how you can pick any other than Nathan Drake. He has a way of expressing emotion in every direction better than any other voice actor there is. Something which really can't be ignored. It will be a sad day when Uncharted 4 is over.

There you have it. Think I got it right?