According to the chef of this recipe, the term 'masala' refers to the blending of several spices to achieve a distinctive taste, with different spice-combinations being used to complement specific ingredients.The recipe calls for blending of the spices into a paste to fry the French beans, which I believe is more fragrant.  But, if you find it too troublesome, it is alright to use garam masala powder or use powder form of the specified spices needed, which is what I did.
I like the taste of this fried beans, aromatic and tasty.  Loves the slight tangy taste from the lemon juice.  Does make it extraordinary.  Next time, when you wish to fry French Beans, perhaps can try this recipe for a change.Recipe adapted from the book ‘500 Curries’ with slight modifications
Ingredients1 onion – finely chopped1 tsp chopped garlic1 tsp ground cumin [Jintan Putih]1 tsp ground coriander [ketumbar]1 tsp chilli powder¼ tsp turmeric powder½ tsp fenugreek1 tbsp oil200 gm French beans – cut slantwise and blanched4-5 cherry tomatoes [halved] or 1 tomato – quartered¼-½ tsp salt to taste½ - 1 tbsp lemon juiceSome chopped coriander leavesSome toasted sesame seeds
Combine the spice powders, fenugreek  with chopped onions and garlic.In a wok, heat up the oil, fry the spice ingredients for a minute until aromatic.Add in the tomatoes and blanched beans.  Stir fry to mix well for 5 minutes.Add in the coriander leaves, sesame seeds and sprinkle lemon juice.Dish up to serve.
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