I tried this lemongrass chicken dish. My opinion, it's rather easy with only a few steps to follow.  But the result is satisfactory, tasty, delicious and fragrant chicken pieces that you would love to chew at it. The chicken is tender and absorbs the flavours well.  The savoury sweet sauce with the aromatics are so good to spread over the plate of steaming hot rice.Love to enjoy it, try it.
Recipe adapted from Asian At Home You-tubeIngredients3 deboned chicken thighs with skin - cut bite size pieces2 stalks lemongrass [white part only] - thinly sliced2-3 shallots - chopped2 chilli padi - thinly slicedsome chopped coriander leavesSeasoning [Combined]2 tbsp fish sauce2 tbsp sugar or gula melaka1/4 tsp ground black pepper1-2 tbsp water
Heat a non stick pan with 1 tbsp oil, pan fry the chicken pieces [skin side first] until brown.  Flip over to fry the meat side until brown, too.  Dish up or push aside.Remove excess oil, add in lemongrass, shallots and chilli padi.  Saute until fragrant, then mix in the fried chicken pieces.Pour in seasoning, stir to mix well and bring to a bubbly boil.Sprinkle some chopped coriander leaves.Dish up to serve.  Top with more coriander leaves.