Kwik Sew 3578 - Pleated Knit Dress Again

Ya'll know I'm headed to Hawaii tomorrow right?? So my BFF and I were talking Thursday night. She's my nanny and she is coming with us too. We are meeting another couple there.   BFF: So, what are you wearing to the wedding? Me: Wedding? What wedding? BFF: J (the other couple) said we are going to some wedding on Thursday night. Me: What kind of wedding? Casual? Beachy? Shorts? Formal? WHAT KIND?? BFF: Well I'm wearing this. (BFF pulls out these totally hot, chic knit halter dresses) Me (panic mode): I don't have anything to wear! All of my dresses and skirts are WOOL! Wool, dammit! I have nothing cute to wear to a Hawaii wedding!!!!   So, I pulled out my favorite Kwik Sew knit dress pattern and whipped out a cute (short) dress last night. It has pleats at the neckline which hints at a bust I don't own and it shows off my toned arms. My husband likes my (short) dress but isn't happy that I'll be at a wedding without him in this (short) dress. This is one of those cotton/spandex knits I bought the other day. I've made this pattern once before. That dress fits well and I love the design but I disliked the BRIGHT turquoise color. I have still worn it to a few casual get-togethers and a wedding, I think. Neither of these dresses are formal by any means but I've heard through the grapevine that the wedding is more casual than formal. ks_3578_10     I adore the keyhole opening. My husband is less than thrilled about the length. If he gripes much more I'll add a knit band to the bottom and give it a few more inches. I don't have a chest but I do have legs and I say, flaunt it if you got it. Apparently, my husband and I disagree on this point.
    I love this bright button at the back. And this time, I'm actually happy with the button loop. I looked in my ancient copy of the Reader's Digest Complete Book of Sewing and they sew you how to make the blanket stitches. I think it looks very nice.
ks_3578_12     I doubt there will be another post before we leave tomorrow. When I get back I'll show you all the pictures and maybe some fabric (???) purchases. We are headed to Oahu this time. Anybody know of any fabric stores there I need to check out? Keep sewing you guys! I'll be keeping up with my blogrolls from afar but I may not be commenting much.