Johann George Rohn And The 'John'-tradition In The Tolkien Family

The first known John (Johann) in the Tolkien family line of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was Johann Benjamin Tolkien (later John Benjamin Tolkien), born in Gdańsk in June 1752 and buried in London in 1819. From his act of baptism (11 June 1752, St Salvator church in Petershagen, Danzig or Zaroślak, Gdańsk) we can assume that he received his first name after his godfather, Johann George Rohn
Who was Johann George Rohn?
From his funeral act from 31 August 1767 (St Katharinen, grave No. 84) we can see that he was a furrier master ("Kirschner Meister"):
Source: FamilySearch (Mormons)He must have been a very important person for both Tolkien families in Gdańsk (Michael's and Christian's) because in 1752 he was a godfather for two Tolkien boys:
(1) for Johann Daniel Tolkien, son of Michael and Euphrosina (22 June 1752):
Source: FamilySearch (Mormons)and (2) for Johann Benjamin Tolkien, son of Christian and Anna Euphrosina (11 June 1752):
Source: FamilySearch (Mormons)In 1746 he was a godparent of Michael's daughter, Euphrosina Regina together with his wife Cordula Elisabeth Rohn:
Source: FamilySearch (Mormons)The Rohn family grave was tomb No. 84 in the Katharinenkirche where some members of the Tolkien family were buried too.
The Rohn family lived at Drehergaße (ul. Tokarska) and Petersiliengaße (ul. Warzywnicza) in Gdańsk. I suppose Johann George Rohn was Daniel Gottlieb Tolkien's master during his furrier apprenticeship. Johann George Rohn died in 1767. Daniel left Gdańsk and left for Amsterdam and London in 1766.