I've Lost The Will To Live

Coat #1 DONE. It feels like I've been working on this forever but it's only been about 10 days. I am so ready to do a quick knit top for me. The coat turned out nicely but I can't believe I cut out the second one. It may not happen this month. I love my twins but two coats? Uck.

A few details for ya'll. I lined the coat with the same wicking polyester sweatshirt knit as my son's coat. The inside has Polartec 200 for nice insulation. The arms are very wrinkly and stumpy looking compared to the rest of the coat. I did something special to the arms which I'll tell you about in a few pictures. The coat is long on my girls so I hope to get two winters worth of wear out of it. The pockets were by far the most time-consuming part of this coat. That and all the topstitching.

Lots of topstitching on this baby. I love the extra low butt-covering.

The outside arms look stumpy because I did a little homage to LL Bean. Many of their toddler clothes have "grow legs". The lining is shorter than the outer shell. When the kid grows you release the stitches and the lining "grows" to its normal length. I think it's pretty damn clever. Now I just hope that it fits as it is for now.

I may add the waist elastic and casing but I want to see if they need it and where I should put it. I forgot to add: Action shots to come tomorrow.