Home Made Fish Balls

Fish Paste Before Shaping into Fish balls
The type of fish best for making fish ballsChopped Fish Meat Before Adding Seasoning
This is a very simple home made fish paste for fish balls.  The texture is not that bouncy or crunchy like those in the market but it definitely has the taste of fish meat and genuine sweetness.  The quantity to make need not be much.  I have the recipe to make at least 300 gm but since I can only get 150 gm fish meat today from the 2 pieces of fish [see photo - costs only Ringgit 2.00], I just make do with it and maybe add minced meat to it or meatballs for soup.
Ingredients150 gm fish meat
Seasoning1 tsp tapioca flour1/2 tsp salt1/4 tsp pepper1/2 tsp sugar1/2 tsp sesame oil50 ml ice cold water
Clean fish and debone to get 2 pieces of fish fillet.  Then use a flat metal spoon to scrape off the flesh from the bones and fillet.  Use a knife to chop the fish meat into finer pieces and set aside is a bigger bowl [see photo].Mix all the seasoning ingredients and make sure the water is ice-cold or just mix all seasoning and keep in fridge  while you prepare the fish meat.Quickly stir in the seasoning to the fish meat.  Start to stir mixture with your hand, stir in one direction till the seasoning and fish meat is well combined.  The mixture will be sticky.  Continue stirring then start to slap a handful of mixture in the bowlat a time for at least 5 minutes.  This is important so as to incorporate the seasoning and fish meat well and to get more bouncy/crunchy fish balls.  Slap until the paste comes together and no longer sticky.  Transfer to a container, rest in fridge for at least 1 hour before cooking.  Do not freeze fish balls.To cook, just boil enough water/stock for soup.  When soup is boiling, wet your hands first before using a spoon and hand to shape paste into fish balls.  Drop fish balls into soup to cook as and when you make it.  The fish balls will float up when cooked.  Season soup and add leafy vegetables or chopped coriander and pepper to taste. [See next post - Meatball and Fishball Soup recipe]