Giving My Kids The Addiction . . .



My girls recently got this sewing machine. We’ve already made a Barbie blanket and a little purse. What intrigues me is that it’s a chainstitch machine. There’s no bobbin (awesome) but the stitches unravel like a bitch (not awesome). It also includes little decorative snaps that we used on the purse and Hello Kitty patches we’ve put on the blanket. I did have a hard time adjusting the tension but I didn’t really try too hard either. We mostly focused on keeping fingers out of the way of the needle (who needs that little protective needle cover?) and not being afraid of the noise of the machine. It’s not loud, mind you, but little people are scary that they will be sucked into the machine.

Very. Fun. We’ll be doing a lot more of this. Maybe I can even get you some action shots. Little Girl #2 was very proud of the things she made.