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Ten years ago in UK Glamour magazine I read an article called “Alternative Valentine's Destinations” and that was how I discovered Taormina.

After doing some research it looked like a perfect romantic place to visit, what with my love of everything Italian and my husband’s love of The Godfather Movies.
Whilst we never went to celebrate Valentine's weekend we did book a three night stay for our forthcoming wedding anniversary. As soon as we stepped foot in Sicily we fell in love with the island, its beauty and its people. One year later we bought our Sicilian home.
Taormina is the perfect town for a romantic weekend away ….. Every day is Valentine’s Day in Taormina and romance is always in the air.
What could be better than staying in a beautiful hotel and eating in restaurants that overlook the shimmering Ionian Sea, the Bay of Naxos with Mount Etna as natural scenery or in a beautiful Sicilian castle with its own beach and relaxing spa? Wine tasting in a vineyard on the slopes of Mount Etna or horse riding in the stunning Sicilian countryside? Or maybe a romantic dinner on board a luxury boat at sunset in the marine reserve of Isola Bella? An intimate cookery class or chocolate tasting in the South Eastern town of Modica?

Sicily is an island of romantic Greek mythology from gods and goddesses to sea nymphs and cyclops ... but more about that another time.

Taormina played host to one of Britian's most famous lovers .... Whilst filming Cleopatra in Italy Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton fell in love on set and ran away together. Where were they? They were sipping cocktails in the famous Wunderbar Cafe in Piazza IX Aprile. 
It is also the perfect destination for a Honeymoon. When I was working in the wedding industry in London I had a bride whose honeymoon destination was a surprise. I sent her an email after the wedding and she called me back straight away and told me excitedly that she was in Sicily. I asked whereabouts and she replied Taormina. She squealed when I told her I had a house there, it had just never popped up in our conversations.
I have heard of many marriage proposals in Taormina which makes the town an ideal place for a Destination Wedding. 
Many Brides and Grooms choose Taormina after becoming engaged there. One bride told me that she chose Taormina as she remembered a family holiday there as a little girl and after seeing a traditional Sicilian wedding had always dreamt of getting married in the church of San Giuseppe in Piazza IX April, then running across the Piazza in her wedding gown and walking the whole length of Corso Umberto with her wedding guests behind her accompanied by Sicilian folk singers.
When choosing a wedding planner experience counts and they do not come any better than Liz Gaan of Bouquets and Bows. Liz has lived and worked in Sicily for over thirty years and is also a licensed interpreter. She is proud to be the longest established wedding planner in the Taormina area. I am also lucky that she is one of my best friends in Sicily and every now and again I get to be a witness at her elopement weddings.
I met Liz after my husband’s wedding ring cracked, we bought a shiny new one and decided to have it blessed in Taormina. A friend put me in touch with Liz who arranged for us to get the ring blessed in the town’s Duomo, we loved her from the first minute. I hasten to add that what we thought was going to be a five minute meeting with the priest turned into a full impromptu Renewal of Wedding Vows, such is the Sicilian hospitality. For the full story search our archive for our post “The Beginning of a Love Affair Part IV … How we Renewed our Wedding Vows the Sicilian way ".
Liz has produced many beautiful weddings. Visit her website at www.bouquetandbows.com and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
This Valentine’s Day  why don’t you surprise your loved one and sweep them away for a break in Taormina or Eastern Sicily … it is the perfect romantic destination and you will certainly fall in love with Sicily.
Taormina is also the perfect town for a tranquil and relaxing hen weekend, contact us for more information. 
For a perfect gift for your Valentine why not treat them on your trip to some beautiful jewellery by Donna Paulina, hand made in Sicily Donna Paulina Creations and Jewellery are made using semi-precious stones incorporating lava stone from Mount Etna.

For Enquiries and Taormina travel tips email us at [email protected]

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Buon San Valentino from White Almond Private Sicilyenjoy our photo gallery ....
Isola Bella marine reserve
Greek Theatre of Taormina
Castello San Marco
San Guiseppe, Piazza IX Aprile, TaorminaRistorante Romeo and Juliet, Taormina
Caffe Wunderbar, Piazza IX Aprile, Taomrina
Horse Riding on San Marco Beach
Wine Tasting at Gambino Vini
Boutique Hotel Taodomus, Taormina
Tradtional Sicilian Folk Singers, Piazza IX Aprile
Pasta alla Norma, Fine Dining in Taormina
Port of Giardini Naxos
Restaurant view of the Bay of Naxos
Grotto dell'Amore (Cave of Love), Taormina Mare
Romantic Cruise at SeaRenewing our Wedding Vows the "Sicilian Way"

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