French Heavy Artillery & Anti-Aircraft Platoon

It's been a little while since I posted anything because the Chicago weather has been extremely humid the past few weeks, which makes it fairly difficult to prime and varnish minis, especially when temperatures are in the 90s and the humidity level is around 60%. I did, however, finish two platoons for the Early War French recently. Below is the Motorised 155mm Artillery Battery:

As with the 47mm ATG platoon, this battery uses converted Axis & Allies Unic P107s for artillery tractors. I toyed with the idea of giving the guns the same two-tone camouflage pattern as the tractors but decided against it in favor of making them similar to my Motorised 75mm Battery guns.
Battle Honors makes great Hotchkiss 25mm Anti-Aircraft guns for the French, which is great since they appear to be the only manufacturer which makes them! Unfortunately, they didn't come with seats for the gunner, put I made mine out of a paper clip and some plasticard.

With both platoons, guns are manufactured by Battle Honors, crew are by Peter Pig (whose WW1 French Artillery crew includes nifty little seated figs!), infantry are by Forged in Battle, and Unics are by A&A.