El Al Safer Then Ever

Arutzsheva El Al Israel Airlines passengers are among the best-protected clientele flying the skies, but the company has just taken security to a higher level. Security sources said Wednesday that the airline completed the installation of an anti-missile system on each of its 29 passenger aircraft. The new security equipment was developed by Israel Military Industries and its subsidiary Elta, both of which are state-owned. Carrying a $1 million price tag per unit, the “Flight Guard” is an Israeli-made system which is now installed on each of the 29 planes n El Al’s fleet.The installation of the system is the final touch on a security overhaul that began in 2002 after an al-Qaida terrorist in Kenya fired shoulder-held missiles at an Israeli charter flight.According to an aircraft industry source, "The State and El Al invest NIS 100 million (about USD 22.5 million) a year in the airline's security.El Al officials declined to comment on the move and said it does not discuss security issues. The company, Israel’s official national carrier, is also the largest airline in the country.