Easter Doves

Cuddura cu l'ovaIn Sicily Pasqua (Easter) is the most important Church holiday of the year.

After magnificent mournful processions held on Good Friday, Easter Eve is marked by the beginning of feasts.

Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi! ('Christmas with your family, Easter with anyone you like!') is an Italian saying and thus Easter is abundantly celebrated.

There is no tradition of an Easter Bunny hiding chocolate eggs in Sicily. But there are eggs which are an important part of Easter cakes.

The true symbol of Easter is the dove, which adorns the bakeries from one end of Italy to the other. These doves are made of fine yeast dough with almonds and candied peel.

To learn about the Easter tradition of the Cuddura cu l'ova and to try the recipe, read this link from Sicilian Simplicity www.siciliansimplicity.blogspot.co.uk/2008/03/tradition-of-cuddura-cu-lova

The Colomba Pasquale (Easter Dove) has its origins in the Italian region of Lombardy. The dreaded King, Alboin, had conquered the city of Pavia and wanted to act a terrible revenge on its citizens for their bitter resistance. In their moment of need, the people of Pavia prayed for divine assistance and King Alboin was thrown from his rearing horse. A local girl fed the horse a dove shaped cake and the horse then returned to its docile nature. The King gave the people their freedom back and made their city his capital. Ever since, dove-shaped cakes have been baked as a symbol of peace.

Easter is one of the best times to visit Sicily. The climate is mild and the countryside is full of beautiful coloured flowers.

During Holy Week, towns revive very ancient and picturesque  traditions. Every town has its own traditional religious re-enactments and processions with religious symbols. A lot of tourists visit Sicily to see the Easter traditions.

Buon Pasqua tutti !!!!!!!!
Cuddura cu L'ova
Easter in Caltagirone

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