Crafty Creations!

My bestie and I have grand ol' dreams of making beautiful crafty things! Although we have a blast, they usually turn out less then stellar! Haha! Our latest creations were from a paint night and attempts at making terrariums!

Even though these paintings don't look that shabby, they are a far cry from the inspiration painting! Hah! I do appreciate that we were able to choose our own colours and that they all look so different and "unique"! I've since dibble dabbled at my masterpiece... attempting to make it better but it's a lost cause! My painting is currently hanging in the powder room, but probably not for long!

We also attempted to make terrariums with no direction or expertise and only the guidance of Pinterest! We made a billion of them and they are ALL "special-looking"! Haha! Even though they aren't as beautiful and Pinterest-worthy as we had hoped, it was definitely super fun and relaxing! Oh wait... maybe that was from the wine? Haha! Anyways, here's a few of the different ones we made! Hopefully they survive our brown thumb of death!