Blockheads Shavery- Los Angeles (Sawtelle), CA

Blockheads- Los Angeles (Sawtelle), CA
After lunch at Tsujita LA Artisan Noodles, and exploring part of what Sawtelle Blvd. has to offer (Cocos, Nijiya Market, Curry House, Hide Sushi, Seoul Sausage, Gottsui, to name a few of many great places!), we decided we wanted a dessert to cool off from the walking we did and to quench our thirsts after the heavy noodles we had earlier in the day.
Blockheads- Los Angeles (Sawtelle), CA: Interior
By this time, Blockheads Shavery was filled with customers, all of who seemed to be experts in ordering what Blockheads Shavery calls "snow cream", or what is generally called shaved snow-- combining elements of shaved ice and ice cream together.

Ordering is simple and is done in 3 steps:
1. Choosing a flavor (Original, green tea, black sesame, sea salt, and a special brown sugar created with soymilk were offered during our visit) and size
2. Choosing toppings (60 cents each) 
3. Choosing a drizzle, of which include condensed milk, strawberry puree, coconut puree, chocolate sauce, and caramel sauce

4 combos are also available just for those who cannot decide on their own combination. For our dessert, we first decided on combo 4, which is composed of black sesame snow cream, cookies and cream, rice cake (freshly made daily in house), and a coconut puree drizzle. However, after considering the ingredients list more thoroughly, I made a substitution of red bean instead of cookies and cream.

Blockheads- Los Angeles (Sawtelle), CA: Black Sesame Snow Cream, Coconut Puree, Rice Cake, Red Bean
Blockheads- Los Angeles (Sawtelle), CA: Black Sesame Snow Cream, Coconut Puree, Fresh Rice Balls, Red Bean(faux wood table with texture and soft sunlight pouring in from the windows makes for a great photo opportunity)
It took about a 5-10 minute wait for our dessert creation (3.95 USD regular size + 2 toppings at 60 cents each = 5.15 USD), but soon our number was called. In the meantime, we saw the workers shave a solid cylinder of different flavors into cups, then happily and generously pour on toppings and drizzles. In our case, our employee grabbed a heaping spoonful of red bean and doused it off on top of the snow--so much style.

I enjoyed the dessert very much, for it was not too sweet, and had a balance of flavors and textures. The snow was smooth, creamy, not sweet, and was flecked with black sesame--it relied on the toppings for sweetness. The coconut puree added some sweetness, along with a pleasant coconut cream flavor that didn't overpower the dessert, but rather complimented the creaminess of the snow. On the other hand, the red bean did add plenty of sweetness, and was cooked to soft. To contrast the sweetness and smooth snow were the rice balls, which definitely were homemade--chewy, not hard, and pillow-y soft. Overall, it was a great combination of flavors, and we finished it up very quickly!

This was a great dessert to share, and from what the crowds show, Blockheads is definitely a popular option in the area-- don't be surprised if you have to wait about 10-20 minutes for your dessert. I do wish they were more generous with the snow; portion control is at the snow cream shaver's discretion, for the workers just catch the shaved snow as it goes off the machine and stop when the cup looks full.

Blockheads Shavery
11311 Mississippi Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025  
Tel: (310) 445-8725

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