Bathroom Done!


There is still a little work to do. My door knobs are still brass and there is no trim on the floor yet. We have a painter/trimmer coming this summer and he will trim out the doors and floors. I think it’s a big improvement. The area above the toilet is pretty empty but there will be a dark wood cabinet with baskets for little knickknacks. There were not a lot of big expenses. I changed out the light above the mirror and the mirror itself (it became a 4’ wide medicine cabinet). I had to buy the purple paint. I already had the floating shelf, towel hooks, and decorations. The shower curtain is a repurposed king-sized sheet. It is cotton and it had shrunk and it didn’t really fit our bed anymore. 


Here’s the before and after lights.


Here you can see the “shower curtain.” I just made a tube in the sheet and hung it up high. Now there are two shower rods; one down low to hold the vinyl curtain and this one up high which is only about 6” from the ceiling. I think it makes the room look a bit taller.


I know I posted these a couple of days ago but the owl is so cuuuute. The curtain is shades of lavender and brown; perfect for this room.


What I really did want to show you are the honey-oak doors. I used Rustoleum’s Cabinet Transformations in the Espresso finish. I was apprehensive about it because painted cabinets usually look like crap but these look fantastic! It is labor-intensive because there are four steps to the process but I’m going to do it for my kitchen. This was sort of my test run to see if I liked it. The best part? No freaking sanding. You do have to degloss all the cabinets but it wasn’t hard (more like a good cleaning) and didn’t take too long. I know it’s hard to see exactly what they look like but, believe me, they look nice and I’m picky about that sort of thing.

Sewing soon!!!