Artistic Apartment In Moscow With Glass Artist

Kate Hume is an amazing interior designer that blends together modern furniture with savoury details and beautiful glass objects. An apartment for a couple and their five children was the perfect setting for an elegant, striking combination of modern furniture and classic backgrounds. Beautifully contemporary, this interior design inspires through the expressiveness of the space in which it is created. The large high ceiling entryway of this Moscow apartment makes a perfect background for the black pieces of furniture that mark visual points of interest. Forms and shapes, calming colours and bright spaces make this Moscow apartment a luxurious space.

Glass objects scattered in an artistic approach in interior design accomplish the glamorous effect. An immense yellow glass chandelier balances light in the living room, while a round modern pendant light, also made from glass, hangs over the dining room table. The children`s room is an elegant interpretation of soccer, keeping the boys happy and not interrupting the interior design line. The shades of grey contrasted with bright gold glass and deep blue carpets, the white walls and the incredible entryway make this apartment an interesting living space and a gorgeous visual effect.

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