An English Daisy In Sicily ........

One March day in 2011, whilst working at Ruth Kaye Design in Primrose Hill in London a lady who we knew fostered rescue dogs for a charity called All Dogs Matter walked past with a tiny 8 week old puppy that had just been abandoned that day, she was all wrapped up in an orange Ikea blanket. The puppy was gorgeous and she knew it.
I went home that evening and told my husband, we checked the All Dogs Matter website and found her. My husband made an appointment to meet her and it was love at first sight for both man and dog, we called her Daisy.
We vowed that we would never leave her and that meant taking her to Sicily with us. Therefore twice a year we make the long journey to Sicily by car, it has come to be known as The Puppy Road Trip.
The Puppy Road Trip starts at the Eurotunnel with an overnight stay in Dijon in France then through the Alps and the Mont Blanc tunnel down to Genoa in Northern Italy to board a ferry to Palermo which takes 20 hours in the comfort of a dog friendly cabin with Fido Park for walkies and business on the top deck. The trip is worthy of its own future Blog, so keep posted.
living the celebrity lifestyleDaisy has now visited Sicily five times and has become quite a local celebrity.
Daisy has visited Mount Etna (she finds the volcanic rocks rather hard to climb), she has been wine tasting at the fantastic Gambino Vineyard, visited the house from the Inspector Montalbano’s television series in Punta Secca, enjoyed many a cool bowl of water and a spoon of granita at Bar Vitelli in Savoca which was made famous in The Godfather Part One and she enjoys her Friday evening passeggiata in Taormina with a visit to her preferred restaurant where she has her favourite table reserved and ready.
on Mount EtnaIn our commune within Giardini Naxos she is adored, a walk to the beach that should take us ten minutes sometimes turns into two hours. First she has to say Ciao to everyone sitting outside our local coffee bar then when we reach our piazza she has to say Ciao to all the old men who are sitting debating life, politics and football. Then she is surrounded by children, first the girls who think she is a cuddly toy and then the boys who want her to play football with them. Once we get past the piazza who knows who we will meet!!!!! There are so many colourful characters.
We even had a gentleman once who asked if he could buy her a gelato … of course it was an offer she could not refuse.
On her morning walk after a dip in the sea and digging a few holes, she sits and has a chat with the local fishermen.
digging holes in Giardini Naxos

It is amazing how when I am home alone, the first thing everyone asks is “dove Daisy?” (Where is Daisy?)  My reply “Londra” ( in London) … then you see the disappointment on their faces.

I have lost count how many times we have been on a walk in Giardini or Taormina for someone to come up and say Ciao Daisy Bedda (Hello Beautiful Daisy) … Bedda is Sicilian dialect for beautiful. They have even stopped traffic if they are in a car.
My adopted Sicilian big brothers children always come after school to play with her and sometimes if she is lucky they give her a cool bath.
We always make wonderful new friends when Miss Daisy Doo is in town.
All Dogs Matter have many wonderful dogs who are all looking for a forever home just like Daisy found. Or even if you can foster, please visit, they are amazing people.

We are looking forward to the next Puppy Road Trip … I will keep you posted.

a late night Gelato in Taormina
at Inspector Montalbano's house in Punta Secca

retracing the steps of The Godfather at Bar Vitelli in SavocaWine Tasting at Gambino Vini in Linguaglossa