All In One Belanda Sauce Eggs

A easy dish to cook up whenever you wish to add an extra dish on the dinner table.  Simple and easily available ingredients in any kitchen.This is similar to the Nyonya Belanda Hu [Fish] which I cooked earlier.  My brother in-law says that eggs can be cooked this way  instead of fish.Since I’m using a flat base non stick wok, I fried the eggs all at the same time then braised  them with the sauce.  Very easy way to cook and less oily.
The photos don't look good but the dish tasted good.  Reason is all because I cooked this in a jiffy....
Ingredients[serves 3]3 eggs6 shallots – thinly sliced3 garlic – thinly sliced1 [3 cm] piece cinnamon stickA pinch of tamarind past mixed with 150 ml waterSome shredded red chilli and spring onions1 tbsp sugar½ -1 tsp salt to taste1 tbsp oilHeat oil in a non-stick wok.  Saute shallots and garlic until crispy.  Dish up.Use the oil to fry the eggs together until firm up.  Pour in the tamarind juice and add the seasoning and cinnamon stick.Bring to boil and simmer until sauce is fragrant.  Taste to adjust seasoning.Add in the chilli and spring onions.Dish up to serve with rice.