A Necromunda Terrain Retrospective, Part 3

It truly is amazing to see everything I put together in 2007-2008 in one place now. I really needed a significant amount of terrain to cover a 4'x6' table for the community games. And here's that table...

This is one thing I'll give the ghost up on right away. Unfortunately, this was lost when my wife and I moved off of Granville St. and was probably turned into garbage or was re-purposed by one of the artists who lived in that building as a canvas. Or maybe a coffee table. Or maybe they hung it "as is" on the wall as some modern art piece. Those people were a little bit odd....

Church of the Red Redemption (...has a detailed interior as well)

The Manufactorium (the biggest piece I've done to date)

Blast furnace "window" (with real light up action!!)

Removable Smokestack

I always get at least one smart ass every time I've brought this out that asks "A smokestack in the Underhive - where does it vent to?". Uh, it vents to the dome its in. The Underhive is the crumbling foundation of a proverbial Tower of Babel, populated by merciless gangs who live amongst toxic waste. I don't think curbing air pollution is high on their list of necessities.



Runabout & Trailer

Inquisitor Statue

Wall Guns

Astartes Statue (weathering)

Well, that's about it for now. It was fun looking back and remembering how much fun I had designing that initial batch way back when. Check back though, because once the current batch is complete, I'll share pics about what's survived and what hasn't.