6mm Sci-Fi Buildings

With the hype for a new Battletech game reaching fever pitch in August, I impulsively bought Gamecraft's 6mm Middle Eastern village. Now that the release date has been pushed back severely, I'm left with a village but no games to play it with. Ah well, this was a fun side project in a scale I don't normally tackle. 
The buildings themselves are more or less stock, with some bits added here and there to give it a low-tech feel. Being laser-cut clear acrylic, they were somewhat difficult to assemble, especially the corners which have several butt joints with larger gaps. I filled the gaps with some spackle which seemed to do the trick, though that added a lot of time to the assembly process. 

I then primed the entire building white, inside and out and airbrushed a graduated basecoat of Vallejo Dark Sand. I then blended and streaked the white and sand color together using a drybrush technique working vertically. This give the buildings a weathered appearance as if dust and grime had accumulated on the upper surfaces, whereas the ground floors had been left a bit cleaner due to the density of other buildings, regular cleaning, or simple human contact. I then added darker chips of Golden Brown and Beige with a sponge (to simulate pock marks and sections of flaking stucco) and painted all the smaller details. 
To simulate graffiti and commercial signage, I used random decals from GW, GF9, and Italeri. Once dry, I sealed the entire building and added clear plastic (with a layer of semi-gloss sealant on the reverse side) to simulate glass doors and windows, as well as the "holographic" billboards. To finish them off, I added some dry pigments applied as a wash to simulate dirt and grime buildup on the roofs.