10 Min Re-org Project: The Mud Room

This past weekend we took the family skiing.  It was a super fun, albeit very trying at times, day that the whole family loved. But, what I didn't love was trying to find all our cold weather supplies. 

In an ideal world, I'd walk into my fully organized and very functional mudroom (like the one above), locate the designated closed storage area for said winter clothes and it would all be easy peasy. 

That's totally NOT what happened in our world. Instead, I walked into the mudroom we "created" last year with our existing wire shelving units and was appalled at the state of affairs within these walls. It seems as though someone not only forgot to stay organized, but also forgot to rotate for the seasons! The injustice of it all...
Here's where it starts to get good, instead of turning a blind eye to the chaos I ran out to HomeGoods and picked up a bunch of inexpensive baskets and got down and dirty in the mudroom - aka: cleaned and organized the pants out of that space.

Now each kid has a basket for their winter wear, the summer stuff has been relocated to the further shelving unit and corralled into their own baskets, and I have my sanity back. 
It's pretty simple really, but this article from Country Living certainly sums it up well. My favorite tip is #5: expect some clutter. Realizing that this is a mudroom behind a closed door goes a long way to helping keep my expectations in check. 
All I can do is provide a spot to put everything, hope for the best and check back weekly for a general cleanup. It's amazing what some baskets from HomeGoods can do for a girl's perspective. 
until next time,